Costa del Sol

Taberna Tita Yoli

La Taberna Tita Yoli was created with the idea of being a meeting place for the people of the village and visitors, decorated with the atmosphere of Semana Santa, Rocío, bullfighting, verdiales, and of course, photos of the village. You will be able to try the most typical food and even some innovative dishes.

Why Tita Yoli? After thinking of several names, the obvious one was chosen, Tita Yoli, as the owner has 30 nephews and 31 great-nephews and nieces. Everyone she knows, nieces and nephews or not, calls her Tita Yoli, so any other name wouldn't have meant as much.

Go and try her food in the purest tradition of the area: tapas, raciones, cuchareo, will enjoy savouring it, in the best atmosphere.
You're sure to come back!

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