Costa del Sol

R-5 Sendero de la Mina de la Trinidad


West of the urban centre of Benalmádena Pueblo, following the A-368 Avenida de Retamar road, at an altitude of 260 m, at the entrance to the Retamar urbanisation.


Under the Cerro del Moro, at an altitude of 925 m. Mina de la Trinidad, at an altitude of 450 m.


To the Trinidad Mine, 2 km; to the Cerro del Moro, just over 6 km.


The path starts from the A-368 Avenida de Retamar road itself, climbs gently above it, and continues horizontally until it reaches the subway that crosses the A-7 motorway.

After this, the path forks: the north-facing branch ascends, following the course of the gully, up to an altitude of approximately 400 m, getting lost in the vegetation.

The left-hand branch, also ascending, continues up to the Mina de la Trinidad (Trinity Mine). 

Until reaching the mine, the vegetation is very degraded, consisting mainly of a thicket where some pines, junipers and wild olive trees break up the monotony.

This point marks the turning point of the route, as from here onwards the path increases considerably in gradient to overcome the 475 m of height that remain to reach the Cerro del Moro. However, despite its difficulty, this section is well worth the effort for the splendid views it affords. You can make out towns to the west, such as: Fuengirola and Mijas, as well as a good part of the whole of the Sierra de Mijas, the coastline, and practically the whole of the municipality of Benalmádena.

 The vegetation continues to be espartal until reaching the base of the Cerro del Moro, where a degraded espartal and traces of kermes oak can be seen, as well as some stunted holm oak trees. Also, in the sections where the path runs along the slope facing Mijas (West), there are small masses of pine trees.

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