Costa del Sol

R-6 Sendero de los cazadores


South of the Cerro de Castillejo, at an altitude of 925m. This point can be reached via the road leading to the television repeater, from the A-368 road in the municipality of Mijas.


Puerto Viejo, at an altitude of 625 m.


The route to Puerto Viejo is just over 5 km long.


The route runs from east to west along the highest parts of the sierra. As soon as you leave the road, the path descends down the hillside, looking for the Arroyo de las Cañitas stream, and after crossing the watershed, it skirts the Arroyo del Quejigal stream to get below the Tajos de la Sabia, at the junction with Route 4.

 In this first section, the path crosses the highest part of a kermes oak grove dotted with pine trees, where you can see small groups of holm oaks, which are bushy and not very well developed. A little further down, the path crosses a dense mass of pine trees that in some sections cover the entire path in the form of a tunnel. The slopes that descend from the Cerro Calamorro and from the Cerro del Moro towards the aforementioned streams still have the densest and most extensive masses of pine trees and scrubland in the sierra.

 From the junction with Route 4, the slope of the path becomes gentler. It passes under the Tajos de la Sabia, leaving the Tajo del Quejigal below, which can only be glimpsed from this point. The vegetation is made up of a rosemary grove dotted with dense masses of kermes oak, pines and some junipers, as the most outstanding elements.

 The path turns to the north after passing the Tajos de la Sabia, and descends sharply to the crossroads with Route 3. From here, the slope becomes gentler again, and the path heads towards the small pass to the east, which is covered by a thick mass of pines.

 The path then turns to the west and, after ascending a dolomite rocky outcrop, continues along the reforestation terraces and a short climb up to the hill that gives access to Cerro Guerrero, from where you can enjoy a view of the entire route.

 From here, there are only about 500 m left to reach Puerto Viejo. The path is practically horizontal, and from here you can see the route of Route 2, the dense mass of pine trees at the head of the Puerto Viejo stream, as well as a good view of the eastern slope of Calamorro.

Two sections of the Gran Senda de Málaga (GR249) run along the same route:
Stage 33: Mijas - Benalmádena.
Stage 34: Benalmádena - Alhaurín de la Torre.

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