Costa del Sol

R-2 Sendero de los leñadores


Access road to the old rubbish dump, opposite the petrol station, on the A-368 road linking Benalmádena Pueblo with Arroyo de la Miel.


Puerto Viejo, situated at an altitude of 625 metres.


Approximately 3 km.


In its first section, up to the old rubbish dump, the route runs along a steeply sloping asphalted road, which in its final section crosses the A-7 motorway via an overpass.

 The sealing of the landfill, at the end of 2000, has allowed the recovery of a completely degraded area to begin. With time, and the more or less successful actions of man, the embankment left after the sealing works will be covered with a green mantle.

 The path continues at the base of the quarry face to the east; it zigzags up the southern flank until it reaches the top of the quarry face. At this point, the path takes a north-north-easterly direction over the stream, ascending gently up the western slope of Calamorro to Puerto Viejo.

 Until you get above the quarry, the vegetation is made up of a thicket dotted with some bushes such as ephedra, gorse, juniper, as well as palmetto, thyme and some isolated low pines. On the Calamorro slope, the path runs through a rosemary grove, also dotted with pine trees, which in some areas are grouped together more densely, and intermingles with the few patches of kermes oak that tend to occupy the watercourses.

 Two other routes, Route 1 and Route 6, converge in Puerto Viejo, which allows easy access to some of its sections; thus, using Route 6 you can reach Cerro Guerrero, one of the best viewpoints in the sierra; and using Route 1, you can climb up to Calamorro or approach Puerto de las Ovejas.

 As this pass is located on the water divide of the sierra, there is a good panoramic view towards the Guadalhorce Valley, as well as towards the quarries of Alhaurín de la Torre.

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