Costa del Sol

Exhibition Centre

The Benalmádena Exhibition Centre is a cultural initiative of the Benalmádena Town Hall which was created with the aim of disseminating different artistic disciplines: painting, sculpture, architecture, design, engraving, photography, historical exhibitions, in order to bring art to the public of all ages and become a cultural, educational, informative and social alternative; but also for leisure and recreation for the residents of the Costa del Sol and its many visitors. Since its inauguration, its programme includes 4-5 exhibitions per year.

The building was expressly designed to serve as a high level Exhibition Centre to introduce Benalmádena and the Costa del Sol into the national and international art circuits.

As a result of this initiative, its designer Ángel Cañizares and its architect Raúl Gantes were the creators of a unique building, destined to become a permanent exhibition hall. It is located at Avenida Antonio Machado 33, in Benalmádena-Costa. It is a watertight building of minimalist design, built entirely of brick, evocative of the Nasrid walls. It was inaugurated on 5 March 2002.

This Centre also provides a Pedagogical Department service which carries out complementary activities to each of the exhibitions: guided tours, workshops specially designed for each age group, projection of documentaries and films, round tables, conferences, etc. The purpose of these activities, apart from offering more extensive information about the period, the artist or the artistic disciplines and techniques, is the active participation of our visitors, the dynamisation of the Centre as a reference and cultural meeting point.
It is, therefore, an Art Centre that invites the participation of the surrounding environment and in which great importance is also given to the pedagogical sphere. Our projection is focused on the municipality of Benalmádena, the Costa del Sol, Malaga and its province.

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